Funeral Cost Calculator

  • You can use this form at your leisure to calculate the cost of the funeral. At the end of the form you will be able to email yourself a copy.

  • Section 1 – Funeral Arrangement Fees

  • Our professional fees include:
    Collection and care of the deceased in our beautiful countryside setting within office hours.
    Meeting with the family and carrying out all instructions and paperwork pertaining to booking the cremation / burial; liaising with celebrant / minister; sorting out music; arranging press notices; administering donations and transport of the deceased in our silver Volvo. (There may be additional costs if multiple locations are involved.)

  • Section 2 – Coffin / Shroud

  • Section 3 – Transport

  • Section 4 – Burials & Cremation options

  • The prices below are for the cost of a single adult grave and the interment. The additional cost of a tree is approx £40 and is not included.

  • Traditional Burial

  • The cost of burial varies from one location to another. Burial rights (for 50 years) for a single grave in a Cornwall Council cemetery start at £607.00 with the interment fee (cost of digging the grave) also starting at £607.00 for residents. The cost is doubled for non-residents unless resident until two years prior to their death.

    Burial costs in a church graveyard will vary.

    Where the burial is to be in an existing family grave there may also be the cost of removing the headstone before the grave can be dug. Stonemasons fees vary, depending on the size of the memorial.

  • Section 5 – Bearers

  • Section 6 – Funeral Service

  • * Please note that where 'starting from' is listed, this calculation includes the cheapest option. Please contact us for a quote.

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