Our plans

Alongside our core business, we hope to develop the following areas:-

Raising Awareness

We hope to participate in regular evening meetings around Cornwall based on the principle of Death Cafés that are springing up around the U.K.  This will provide an opportunity for people to meet and share their thoughts and experiences on death as well as to find out more information on death and funerals.  We also plan to work with other organisations to help people to understand the emotional and financial need to think about planning the funeral that they would like.

Home Deaths and Funerals

There is increasing interest in where and how we die – how to make the process more personal and less institutionalised.  Whilst most people would choose to die at home, a majority of people die in hospital.  Soul Midwives, started by Felicity Warner, do valuable work in supporting people and their families through the process of death (www.soulmidwives.co.uk/what-is-soul-midwifery/principles-soul-midwifery/).

Where people would like to organise home funerals without the need for the deceased to be removed, we would like to be able to provide a Flexmort which enables the body to remain at home for a few days.  We hope to start raising money for this in the near future.

Lobbying about Funeral Poverty

Working with organisations such as Quaker Social Action www.quakersocialaction.com, we hope to raise awareness about the increasing amount of funeral poverty and what might be done to tackle it.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We would like to give back to our community and aim to work in collaboration with different organisations in the areas of funeral awareness and the environmental issues surrounding funerals.

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