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Funeral Arranging

Pentiddy Natural Burials

It is important not to make rushed decisions. Ideally the deceased will have informed you of his/her wishes and may even have a funeral plan. However, when this is not the case, we can help you by outlining the different funeral options to help you to decide what you feel is a true reflection of him/ her and best celebrates his/her life. Remember that there are no rules as to what makes a good funeral and a funeral service can be held anywhere with the landowner’s permission.We will meet with you to clarify your wishes after which we will carry out your instructions, help with the paperwork, liaise with the burial ground/crematorium, minister/celebrant, help to sort out music, prepare and produce Orders of Service, transport the deceased and administer any donations.

Supply of Coffins

There is a wide range of beautiful coffins available on the market that we can source for you. The coffins that we supply are made from natural materials that will not harm the environment. We also offer the option of a bamboo shroud which can be used for burials and, sometimes, cremations.


Just as funerals are beginning to change, there is the emergence of a move away from the traditional black hearse. We currently offer transport in our silver-coloured Volvo estate but can arrange for you to have a traditional hearse and limousine should you so wish (click here to see our prices). There are also more unusual options, such as VW camper vans for the more adventurous, but these will obviously add to the overall cost.


We can provide bearers for the funeral although we are aware that many families like to bear their loved ones themselves from the hearse into the crematorium or burial ground. It is possible to use a wheeled bier (trolley) or, when there is a cremation without a funeral cortege, to have the coffin awaiting your arrival in the chapel – in both cases there is then no need for bearers.

Looking After The Deceased

When the death was expected and has occurred at home or in a nursing home, it is generally necessary to remove the body of the deceased.   Our Resting Place is situated in the tranquil countryside outside Truro.  You can meet with us here and/or have a viewing of your loved one at a mutually convenient time.  The costs of washing, dressing and viewings are laid out in the funeral menu.

Memorial Services

girl-with-flowersEvery funeral should be special and unique, meeting the needs of the deceased, their family and friends.  Some people choose to have a small and simple funeral with a larger celebration / memorial of the deceased’s life after the funeral.  Again, this can be incredibly personal and can take place in your home, a hotel, a restaurant or at a place of special significance for you and your family such as on a beach or a wood.  This can take a lot of planning and arranging and we are able to do as much or as little as you would like, working on an hourly basis.

Funeral Plans

In an ideal world we would all have informed our loved ones of our funeral wishes and made financial provision for them where possible.  Visit our section on Pre-paid Funeral Plans to see what you can do.

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