Pre-paid funeral plans

Planning a funeral


Few of us want to discuss or even think about the day when we’re no longer around.  However, planning and paying for your funeral in advance can leave you with peace of mind.  We are delighted to have linked in with Open Prepaid Funeral Plans which offer you the opportunity to design your own bespoke funeral, entirely on your terms.  You get to design the funeral that is right for you, even a DIY funeral, or leave the arrangements to your personal representative.  A funeral fund can be opened that can cover up to five people, all of whom are allowed to pay in up to £20,000.  The money in your pot will grow – between 2003 -2016 at an average rate of 3.74% a year .  Your money is exempt from tax and does not count towards probate.  You can choose how you pay into your pot, whether by one lump sum, staged payments, or as and when you can afford to.  You don’t have to reach a target figure – whatever you pay into your pot will be there for your funeral.  There is an initial non-refundable administration fee of £195 to create a funeral fund which pays for the administration of the money you put into your fund for its lifetime.  Additional named pot-holders will need to pay £95 administration fee.

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